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The Learning Hive offers its homeschool enrichment program as a modern approach to a one room school house where small, mixed age classes are run. This allows students to learn from their peers, encourages leadership development, individualized learning and critical thinking skills.
The Learning Hive Homeschool Enrichment Program takes a gentle, child centred approach to education that prioritizes academics at each child's own pace. Our programming is focused around children's curiosity while building on their current skills and developing new ones. Our goal with every student is simple: progress.
Our vision is to create a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment where education is creative, inspirational, and relevant to the children's present needs and future aspirations.
Our HEP is designed for children 4-12 years. The program runs part time Tuesday through Fridays from 9am-noon, with the option of an afternoon elective each day. Parents can elect for 2, 3 or 4 times per week enrollment.
This program creates a numeracy and literacy rich environment for our students to engage with. A structured literacy approach guided by the principles of the Science of Reading is employed during literacy instruction and reinforced throughout all learning. Evidence based, multi-sensory math instruction is employed in order to foster confident mathematical thinkers.
In our HEP, and at the Hive in general, we value:
Child Led Learning
The foundation of this approach is that the educator should not be the sole decision maker when it comes to the direction of learning, and that all parties should word collaboratively to discover ideas that are captivating and extending this into a series of positive learning opportunities.
We always allow for collaboration while still ensuring that the core subjects for which the children are enrolled are being taught and that progress in learning is made.
Project Based Learning
PBL is a dynamic approach in which students actively explore real world problems or challenges and through this acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of concepts. Learning through projects requires critical thinking skills, problem solving, collaboration and various forms of communication.
Mastery enables students to move forward at their own pace as they gain comprehensive knowledge or skills in a subject. A unique component of the Learning Hive’s values is our focus on confidence building as a means to mastery.
Additional Alternative Learning Techniques
Our teaching and learning techniques can be adapted for many learning challenges thus making the Learning Hive's Homeschool Enrichment Program a great fit who struggle in traditional classroom settings. We encourage freedom of movement, flexible seating and and frequent breaks to allow for fresh minds and socialization.

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